“A stunning Italian sparkling wine made using only its own natural grape sugars”

Aubrie Talarico

We really loved this post by Aubrie Talarico (above, left, with Giovanni), an Italian wine educator based in Rhode Island. We’re sharing in part here and we encourage you to read it in its entirety. It’s a great primer on Franciacorta and it really gets to the heart of the SoloUva project. Aubrie’s a great writer and we were thrilled to discover her blog.

“Franciacorta,” she writes, “a celebrated sparkling wine/region of Lombardia, has recently been given a chance to make a radical shift. But unlike scenarios where a revamp or major production change comes about due to quality problems or a slump in market interest, this one is entirely due to Giovanni Arcari, Nico Danesi and Andrea Rudelli’s passion for their wine, the region, and an important word in the wine world: terroir…”

“The Trouble with Terroir & Imported Sugar: For at least 50 years Franciacorta producers have mimicked the Champagne production process, including adding imported sugar for the secondary fermentation’s necessary liqueur de tirage. This troubled Giovanni, Nico, and Andrea because utilizing Brazilian or any other foreign (=non-grape/non-Franciacortan) sugar in the process seemed to them to compromise the wine’s sense of identity — its very terroir (=unique characteristics and sense of place) — becomes masked. Giovanni explained to me that by making a wine like this ‘you taste the method and not the wine.'”

Check out the complete post, including her tasting notes, here.


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