Team SoloUva has a new website!

Team SoloUva has a new website, including Italian and English versions.

While some of the content has lived previously on an earlier version, the new site includes English translations from the original Italian.

One that we are particularly proud of is the following poem by Arcari e Danesi and SoloUva winemaker Nico Danesi:

When the sun shines, the Apennines appear in the distance and the plains don’t seem so vast.
When it’s cloudy, our vineyard appears to float in the sky.
There’s a persimmon tree.
There’s an old snake.
There are falcons.
The din of the road below, the road we travel, the roads we know, the bridges we cross.
We sit on a rock and Giovanni and I pop another one open.


P.S. If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t really understand it. R.F.

Check out the new site here!

italian winery website


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