A great video interview with Giovanni (with English subtitles)

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Earlier this month, TastingSpots, the official blog of the Roscioli food and wine shop and wine bar and restaurant in Rome, published this video, the first in a series they are devoting to Arcari + Danesi, including tastings with Giovanni in Rome and a visit to the Arcari + Danesi vineyard and winery.

The English subtitles are really well done and this is a great way to obtain a greater understanding of what the SoloUva method is and why it makes for such distinct wines.

Photo credit: Roscioli Facebook.


Arcari e Danesi at Raj Parr’s RN74 in Seattle

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Above: Oyster culture in Seattle, one of the best places in the U.S. for molluscs and Franciacorta!

It seems like every week we learn about a new venue in the U.S. where you can order our wine.

And with every “placement,” as they call it in America, we achieve another little piece of our dream of sharing our wines with Americans.

We recently found out that you can order Arcari e Danesi at RN74 in Seattle, one of the west coast’s most important food and wine destinations and one of the best wine programs in the U.S.

It’s run by celebrity sommelier and author Rajat Parr, whom we’ve never met but whom we’ve heard is a super cool guy.

What a thrill and an honor for us to be included on his list!

And wow, we’ve also heard that RN74 is one of the best places in America for oysters. We can’t think of better west coast pairing!

Image via the RN74 Seattle Facebook.

Arcari e Danesi at Babbo in New York

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Ever since it opened in 1998 (a lifetime ago, it seems, in the arc of the Italian food and wine renaissance in the U.S.), Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s Babbo has been an epicenter for Italian fine wine in this country.

It’s as hard, if not harder, to get a table there as when Ruth Reichl gave it its first three-star review in the New York Times the same year it opened.

Today, a lot of people don’t remember that when it was opened, it was called (and is still called) “Babbo Enoteca e Ristorante.”

These days, enoteca is a pretty common word in American restaurant lingo and the concept of “wine bar” is widely embraced across the board.

But at the time, an Italian wine bar was a highly revolutionary idea. And when it opened its doors, Joe Bastianich’s and later Joe and David Lynch’s all-Italian list entirely changed the landscape for Italian wine in this country.

The list at Babbo is still one of the country’s most important “taste makers.” Wine professionals come from all over the nation to discover new wines and trends there.

And they are currently serving (as of this posting) Arcari e Danesi Dosaggio Zero by-the-glass.

Photo credit: Heath Brandon (cropped).