Taste with Giovanni in San Diego and Los Angeles February 25-26!

A post from our new U.S. marketing guru Jeremy Parzen aka Do Bianchi!

See the February 25-26 tasting event details below…

giovanni-arcari-wineFranciacorta winemaker Giovanni Arcari (above, left) and I first met back in 2008 in Erbusco in the heart of his appellation. We immediately hit it off and became fast friends. But it wasn’t until I was invited to speak at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Brescia a few years later that our friendship began to blossom (Brescia is the capital city of Brescia province, which includes the Franciacorta appellation).

Even in those early years of our relationship, we talked about working together. But I was already working with another Franciacorta producer by that point. That partnership was so fruitful that it lead to a two-year campaign that I ran for the Franciacorta consortium.

As our friendship grew deeper and deeper and the years passed, Giovanni and I were disappointed not to be working together. But he always insisted that the appellation came first and he was unabashedly supportive of the program I ran for the bottlers’ association.

In December 2016, after 24 months of blogging, traveling across the U.S. leading tastings, and bringing writers to Franciacorta to raise awareness of this extraordinary appellation and its often spectacular wines, I felt it was finally time to move on. I’ve been thrilled by the results obtained and the full-fledged support that the consortium gave me throughout my tenure there. But it was time to turn the page, as the adage goes.

And where one chapter in life comes to end, another begins: I’m overjoyed to announce that I’m going to be helping out with promoting Giovanni’s wines in the U.S.

giovanni-arcariGiovanni and I are going to kick things off with two tastings this month:

Jaynes Gastropub
San Diego
Saturday, February 25
details to follow

Los Angeles
Sunday, February 26
details to follow

I’ll be posting the details in coming days and sharing on social media. But please save the dates if you’re in Southern California then. Thanks in advance for your support!

nico-danesiThere’s so much more of this story to tell: I’ve just taken over this blog where I’ll be posting regularly there on our adventures, the wines, and their reception in the U.S.

But I couldn’t publish this post and launch this project without a nod to Giovanni’s better (winemaking) half, Nico Danesi (above, left).

He’s also become a cherished friend over the years and he’s one of the most interesting and intellectually provocative winemakers I’ve ever met (he also commands an encyclopedic knowledge of film and film history, our favorite subjects after Wittgenstein).

He and Giovanni conceived what is known as the SoloUva method, the “just grapes” approach to the production of Franciacorta wines. I’ll be sharing more about the method in upcoming posts on the SoloUvaUSA blog.

Read about the SoloUva method here in the meantime. And check out the song I wrote about it a few years ago here or below.

All we need is grapes! Thanks for your continued and future support. And thanks for believing in me and our crazy dreams.

Jeremy Parzen
marketing guru

Giovanni and Nico, I love you guys! Giovanni, see you soon in the U.S.!


SoloUva[USA] Tour 2016: An independent account

The following is an “independent account” that tells the story of the recent SoloUva Tour in the USA. Nico and Andrea have just returned from their trip, which began about 10 days ago. A third person was with them, Laura, and she was inspired to tell the story of her “first time” in the world of wine, attending tastings and meeting producers, a new experience for her.

Thank you, Laura!

best italian wine importer

I’m a newbie to the wine world. And while I’m certainly not an expert, I am a genuine lover of good drinking. For me, the experience was a discovery of a new world made up of small wine producers, each with their own very personal story. Guided by an indie spirit, they each told the story of their wines, tales inseparable from their own lives. I listened and soaked it all up as I tried to understand the differences and admired their analogies, their passion, and the deep humanity that brings winemakers together.

The tastings took place in New York, Philadelphia, Newport, and Boston and were coordinated by the ever meticulous and bubbly Valeria, who promptly communicated scheduling changes in three different languages while dealing with unexpected mishaps and rocking Ettore to sleep. She did it all with unwavering, meticulous mastery.

Rose was at her side, with beautiful eyes that are rivaled only by her mellifluous voice. She is Indie’s events coordinator and she drives the machine as it lurches forward. She had a fun time learning Italian gesture as she sipped four margaritas (maybe it was five) and kept me company as I silently listened to two enologists arguing — a vineyard manager and a musician. It sounds like the set up for joke, right? It is because listening to two people with such different backgrounds debating and arguing about wine is the best premise you could imagine for a funny story.

The agriculture professor who left his prestigious university post to move to France so that he could make wine the way my grandfather did, growing grapes with only the sun to nourish them and crushing them by stomping them with his own feet. The biodynamic cellist who is searching for the grape’s never-before-heard note. Two enologists who decide to produce wine as they vie to make the best bubbly with the grapes that they analyze. They are straight out of a fairytale.

This is the Indie spirit in a nutshell: Traveling across the sea from these outer orbits and offering a taste of the tears of Dionysus to the American market but giving the artists the opportunity to pour those tears into the glass and to describe them. While the wine’s essence would be lost in an antiseptic sales pitch, here it is conveyed through the tasting. It doesn’t matter if the nasal aspirations, lingual acrobats, and wine warbling are transformed into spitting. I could write an entire chapter about this. Frankly, it’s hard for me to understand. Healthy inebriation would be better. But I realize that the presumption, in this case, is mine.

This was how I pass the time as I watch Summer nursing her baby during the tasting. She beckons for her partner’s attention as he has abandoned his post to toast with some of the other artists. I watch the complicity and passion that unites them. That very same passion perhaps gave life to all of this through the inner peace and devotion of Christian Captain America, the rock amidst the sea on whom the entire staff relies.

On the last night, I met another face of Indie, Rosanna, who took us to a wine shop and restaurant in Brooklyn. An academic with a dream in her pocket, she’s the one who deals with the clients and she really knows her wine. Of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without Natalino’s unmistakable laugh or Valeria’s fairytale energy. For a few moments, she took my to her Sicily and she told me the story of her artist’s residency. She brought me back to my own little realm and I was happy that I came on this trip.

Laura Rudelli


SoloUva North American tour 2016 with Nico and Andrea

best franciacorta winemaker

SoloUva winemakers Andrea Rudelli (left) and Nico Danesi (center) will be pouring their wines in the United States starting Monday, March 7, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, March 8 they will be in New York to pour their wines at the portfolio tasting of their American importer Indie Wineries. Partner Giovanni Arcari (right) won’t be joining them on this trip.

There will be another tasting in Rhode Island on Thursday, March 9. We’ll post details as soon as we have them.


with Nico and Andrea
Monday, March 7, 2016
The Artisan’s Cellar
11:00 a.m. – alle 3:00 p.m.
14 N. Front Street
Philadelphia, PA  19382


Tuesday, March 8, 2016
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Home Studios
873 Broadway (between 18th & 19th Streets)
Studio 410
New York NY 10003
(212) 475-4663
Google map
RSVP: rlawler@indiewineries.com


with Nico and Andrea
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
The Wine Brothers
12:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Jamestown Fish
14 Narragansett Ave
RI 02835


with Nico and Andrea
Thursday, March 10, 2016
Olmstead Wine Co.
11:00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.
47 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA 0211

Taste Arcari e Danesi with Italian wine writer Walter Speller (Jancis Robinson) Dec. 8 in London @QualityChop (Butcher)

walter speller wine

On Tuesday, December 8, Italian wine writer Walter Speller (JancisRobinson.com and Oxford Companion to Wine) will be pouring Arcari e Danesi Dosaggio Zero in a tasting flight of sparkling wine selected by him at Quality Chop House Butcher in London.

He writes:

Italy’s claim to fame for sparkling wines seems to be completely monopolised by Prosecco, while its world-wide success overshadows the fact that the country has a long history of making fine and highly individualistic Spumante. This wine class aims to show Italy’s breathtaking bandwidth of ancient as well as new styles.

Expect ancient metodo ancestral Prosecco, bottle-fermented single-vineyard Lambrusco, new-wave zero dosaggio Franciacorta, a replica of what Thomas Jefferson might have drunk in the Langhe at the end of the 18th century, classic method Sangiovese, as well as the first efforts with Barbera, complemented by truly exciting Asti and the traditional Fior d’Arancio. plus anything quirky and wonderful I can get my hands on.

Click here for details on Master of Wine Jancis Robinson’s website.

Photo credit: Stefano Caffarri (Walter Speller’s Facebook).