Walter Speller (Jancis Robinson) scores/notes for Arcari e Danesi

The following scores and tasting notes appeared on on October 26, 2105.

​Arcari + Danesi, Zéro Dosage NV Franciacorta 17/20
Drink 2015-2022

100% Chardonnay from an old vineyard in Gussago, which they had hired. Since then destroyed by Flavescence Dorée and extirpated. Stainless-steel fermentation, followed by 40 months on the lees and aged for an additional year in bottle after disgorgement. Vintage 2010. Why didn’t you label it as a vintage? ‘At that time we didn’t want to give our base wine a millesimato, but since 2011 we only have vintage wine. Only 4 bar pressure because I wanted to use as little sugar as possible. Until 2011 we used sugar.’ Disgorged July 2014. Straw yellow. Beautiful nose of breadcrumbs, apple, lemon and white fruit. Really taut on the nose. Silky CO2 structuring lemon fruit. Wonderful linear acidity that doesn’t stand out on the finish. Delicious. Long.

​Arcari + Danesi, Extra Brut 2011 Franciacorta 17/20
Drink 2016-2022

‘We have added one gram of must after the disgorgement. The must is filtered hence the wine is stable. It has added one gram of residual sugar, so you can legally call it Zero Dosaggio, but we didn’t want to do that because we actually did add something.’ Does that one gram really make such a difference? ‘Yes, we tasted different dosages: zero, one, two, three etc, but we liked the one gram best.’ A shade deeper than the Zéro Dosage. More minerally and almost a little iodine on the nose. Exciting and complex. Brioche and then perfumed white fruit with a hint of green walnut. Super-precise lemon and green peach with mouthwatering acidity. This will certainly benefit from further ageing. Very long and precise like a Swiss watch, with super-fine mousse.

​Arcari + Danesi, Brut Satèn 2010 Franciacorta 17.5/20
Drink 2014-2022

31 months on the lees, and disgorged November 2013. 100% Chardonnay.
Fuller than the above, complex but holding back. Perfumed green walnut. Intense yet lithe quince and almost steely lemon. Real energy and linearity with a hint of brioche on the finish.

​Arcari + Danesi, Brut Satèn 2009 Franciacorta 17
Drink 2013-2020

34 months on the lees. Powerful but elegant nose of wax and earth and almost a little saline. Green fruit hiding underneath. A little fuller and creamier on the palate. Waxy with ripe apple and lemon fruit. Intense and aromatic and with a hint of fruit sweetness on the finish. Amazing length and depth, yet precise.

​Arcari + Danesi, Brut Satèn 2008 Franciacorta 17.5/20
Drink 2014-2022

100% Chardonnay. 34 months on the lees. Disgorged 22 November 2012. Quite deep straw. The most developed, in comparison with 2009 and 2010. Autolysis character but more minerally than leesy. Almost a little savoury. Ripe Amalfi lemon and super-fine CO2 on the palate. A little mouth-watering, clean and super-long and showing some age, which adds to its complex finish. Truly refreshing, pick-me-up wine. Still lots of potential.

​Arcari + Danesi, Tzero Riserva 2006 Franciacorta 17.5/20
Drink 2015-2024

60 months on the lees, and 30 months in bottle after disgorgement. First wine ever made. 1,000 bottles produced. 100% Chardonnay. Beautiful complex nose with the beginning of waxy notes, but still with plenty of energy. Oatmeal and green walnut and green apple and minerally too. Very fine CO2 on the palate and minerally fruit with an iodine, salty note. Long, complex and multi-layered and really taut and bone dry. Serious stuff.


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